Recently, Trademark Roofing LLC did some roofing repair work on my home. Based on the service I received, I am more than grateful to recommend this company to homeowners searching for an exceptional roofer. Trademark Roofing is a reliable roofer company whose outstanding work speaks for itself. For starters, they offer fast service. After our first initial meeting, Eric was able to fix my repairs the next day. And better, he completed the job in a day. The repairs done included replacing rotten fascia boards and soffits with new, freshly painted materials. Eric also cleaned my gutters, replaced + painted rotten wood porch railings and sealed holes created by carpenter bees — all at no extra charge. It is noteworthy to mention that Eric honored the contract created with a previous employer a year ago. I am grateful for this, considering housing material prices have gone up due to COVID-19. Your house is your best investment, and given this, you want quality work to keep it in good shape. So, for anyone looking for quality roofing workers, I recommend Trademark Roofing LLC.

-Ethel M.

Trademark Roofing LLC put a new roof on two of my properties and did a great job on both occasions. They are very responsive, do what they say they’re going to do, and clean up afterward. They’re very professional, friendly, and have a good price.  I will definitely use them again when my next property needs a new roof.

-Louise W.

These guys provided a fair quote, fixed the problem quickly, and then called to follow up a couple of weeks later when we had another bad rainstorm because they wanted to ensure everything looked good. I’ve never had a company follow up like that to double-check their work. It turned out there was still a very tiny leak, and they came out immediately and fixed it right up. No problems since then. I will be calling on Trademark Roofing LLC for all of my needs in the future.

-Peter D.

I had the pleasure of working directly with the owner of Trademark Roofing LLC, and he was efficient in getting the job done. I would absolutely use his services again and recommend him to friends / family. Thanks again, Eric!

-Jazmyn W.

Trademark Roofing LLC always gives a reasonable price, communicates well and moves quickly. They are always my first dial for any roofing issues.

-James R.

Great work. Trademark Roofing LLC changed our roof and installed gutter covers, and they did excellent work.

-Esom M.

Great experience. Professional staff. Trademark Roofing LLC gave a fair estimate and completed the work quickly and with good quality.

-Jonathan S.

Trademark Roofing LLC did an excellent job. I had my roof replaced about 13 years ago and had to have it patched multiple times since then. I had a traveling leak that eluded previous repairmen, and I suspected I needed a new roof. I called Trademark, and true to their ad, they gave a free quote to me, and did so within 48 hours of my call. Trademark was 1 of 4 quotes I sought. Trademark’s quote fell in the middle. I chose them because they were able to get to the job super quick, they offered a warranty, and they have a professional business approach. The company that gave me the cheapest quote was actually an individual who could not give a warranty, had a small crew, and couldn’t start until weeks later. The company that had the most expensive quote was a reputable company that I believe had a lot of overhead and used subcontractors. One roofing company couldn’t give me a quote until late Feb. Rain did delay the job by 2 days, but my house has a flat part, and I understood that. I actually preferred the delayed start. If you want the work done right, and if it rains, be patient. The work on my 1,600-square-foot home was done in 2 days, and it looks great. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend Trademark Roofing LLC!

-Samantha W.

Trademark Roofing LLC has worked on 3 different homes for me (2 needing repairs and one full replacement), and they have done a wonderful job each time. In both repair cases, they were able to fix a long-standing problem that other roofers where unable to. I highly recommend them.

-Neha P.

Very prompt and professional. The price was right. They cleaned up the work site.

-Aisha H.

Trademark Roofing LLC is the best!!! I called Eric after discovering a water leak in my roof by the dryer vent. He came out to the house in a few hours, went to get supplies, and fixed issue. Very efficient, professional  reasonable, and high quality and standard of work. I will use this company for any further repairs or roof issues and highly recommend this company. I can’t thank him enough.


I wasn’t sure what to do about it, so I Googled “emergency roof tarp” since I know the insurance company would insist I get it covered. The first two 24-hour emergency roofing companies both said they were closed (1pm, Saturday), and they wouldn’t be able to be here before Monday. Thankfully, Trademark Roofing LLC was the next on the list. They said they could help and would have a truck out in about an hour. Two experienced, competent workers showed up in an hour, and in no time at all, in the rain, got the limb off the roof and the tarp nailed on, and all at a very reasonable price. Excellent, fast service saved my house from further interior damage. I couldn’t be more pleased.

-M. Lauer

I was referred to them from my Nextdoor app, and they came out quickly to check the roof and sent a timely quote with very competitive prices. We were very pleased with the work that was performed. Eric and Bobby were AWESOME!!! We know who will be replacing our roof when the time comes!


I have had Trademark Roofing LLC come and fix my roof twice. I cannot say enough good things about them. They were very professional and did a great job at a great price. You cannot go wrong with these guys.

-Daniel C.

We got a free estimate for some roofing repairs. The owner came out on Christmas Eve and was extremely knowledgeable and gave us a great quote. He was super friendly as well. I would definitely recommend

-Kevin M.

I’ve used Trademark Roofing LLC twice with a terrific experience both times. The response time was quick. They showed up when they said they would. The work was quality — he took the time to explain what needed to happen in a way that I understood. I will definitely use them again if the need arises. Thanks, Trademark!

-Jackie W.

I was highly pleased with Eric from Trademark Roofing LLC. His professionalism, pricing and communication were flawless!! I’ve already recommended him to friends!

-K. Radcliffe

Very good service. I will recommend to all my friends. Service manager Troy was helpful and explained what he was doing.

-Linda W.

I have several rentals and rehabs. They have worked on at least 3 homes, 2 repairs and 1 complete roof. I have been more than satisfied with the work, timeliness, and customer service. I will call them again and again.

-Ryan S.

This company is top notch. I’m happy with the product and customer service. Eric with the company was very knowledgeable and helpful. Fast work, and they went above and beyond. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.

-Carrie B.

Trademark Roofing LLC is 100% my go-to for roof repairs. They communicate everything each step of the way, take pictures (send them same day), and explain in detail what is wrong and what they will do to fix it. I have been using Trademark Roofing LLC for almost 10 years and would highly recommend to anyone.

-Meighan A.

Trademark Roofing LLC began with a thorough and patient assessment of my roofing system. The assessment was followed up with a detailed description of what needed to be done and why, laying out a phase-by-phase description of what would be done if given the job, and a detailed quote. The job was started with the deployment of tarps and a dumpster to ensure no debris or nails would be left behind. Policing of the grounds was ongoing. While I have not climbed the roof, my ground observations and upstairs window looks along with the final inspection and tedious attention to detail shown by the manager during the final inspection left me believing that all is well with my roof. I have already recommended them to others.

-Ralph D.

Trademark Roofing LLC did an amazing job. Fast, courteous, and honest. I would highly recommend them.


In the stressful process of making repairs on a new home, it was comforting to work with the Trademark Roofing LLC team. From the scheduling process to the repairs, Nancy and Eric were thorough, educational, and easy to work with.

-Danielle M.

Trademark Roofing LLC was excellent!!! I called and asked for a quote. The price was reasonable, I accepted, and got a brand-new roof within a week! They were quick and got the job done. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!!!


Eric and Robert did a great job on fixing damaged soffit, fascia boards, and a couple of roof leaks. They know their craft. They did a great job in matching the paint; the repair blends in seamlessly with the original material. I appreciate that they did not try to upsell me on getting a completely new roof; in Robert’s judgment, the roof as a whole still had some life on it. They fixed the area around the pipe boots to stop the leaks. They also worked around some difficult winter weather in order to complete this job and were able to complete the work within a week of signing the contract. So honest, professional, timely — I can’t ask for anything more.


Eric and company provided everything in excellency. Best price, service, and follow-up. BTW, price was not the cheapest, but because of best inspection and explanation, and also having been recommended by a co-worker, I got what I paid for, which was excellent service and complete satisfaction.

-Charles H.

I can safely recommend Trademark Roofing LLC for any roofing needs, be it repair or replacement. I called for an evaluation after a roof leak. Eric and team did a repair, thinking I could buy some time before a replacement. However, with a particularly rainy fall and winter, other leaks appeared. Eric deducted the amount I paid for the repair from the price of replacement. They showed up on time, did the job in a timely fashion, completely cleaned up from the job, and sent me many pictures of my new roof. Professional, responsible and trustworthy.

-Bette B.

They’ve fixed the roof at 3 of my houses so far, and each repair has been fantastic. In two of the three cases, we had gone through multiple people attempting to stop leaks that were persistent problems — often at great expense, inclusive of having an entire roof section rebuilt at one point — to no avail. Then came Trademark Roofing LLC. They were able to fix those persistent leaks the first time at a reasonable cost (we were skeptical that they could do it where others had failed — BUT THEY DID!!!) AND… they called back a year later to ensure that the issues had not come back, offering to come back at no charge if the leaks were back (they weren’t) — NOW THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE! We’ve had other non-related issues since then, and each time, they have responded promptly (often the same day), and they remain very courteous and reasonably priced. Trademark has become a go-to company for me when I have roof issues because they have proven that they are extremely competent, reliable and fair.


Other roofers wanted $200 for a service call and booked out a week. Eric answered my call personally, booked for within 48 hours, called ahead, arrived on time, got right to work, and did my repair quickly and easily at a good price and with a smile. Doesn’t get any better.

-Alisha H.

A great company. Very fair with repairs, and they get right to the job. If you need a roof done, call this company. They are nice people and answer all your questions.

-Sarrina L.

I am very happy with the professionalism and attention to detail provided by Trademark Roofing LLC. The tech, Robert, was very attentive to what our needs were for our property, and he followed up to make sure we didn’t have unanswered questions. I will definitely refer Trademark Roofing LLC to my friends and family if they are in need of a roofing job.

-Rod M.

Trademark Roofing LLC got the job done! They showed up on time for the estimate and actual project, and finished in one day as they estimated. They cleaned up thoroughly afterwards, and in my estimation, their pricing is fair. Great company & family. We would definitely hire again and recommend.

-Alicia B.

I found this company on a services website about 7 years ago, and I have used them ever since. The number-one reason I continue to call Trademark Roofing LLC is because of their staunch service delivery, integrity and customer service.  I had severe roof damage to my home a few years back, and I told the owner I was paying out of pocket but later learned my insurance would cover. I presented him with the insurance check, and he refused and stated, “My price is my price regardless of what the insurance company gives you.” I thought, wow, what an upstanding and rare gesture these days, especially when the previous roofing contractor wanted double and was attempting to gouge me for an insurance payment. I knew once he said what he did that Trademark Roofing LLC was the company for me. I will use them for all my roofing needs. I have used them for large jobs as the aforementioned and small jobs like woodpecker damage. Trademark Roofing LLC has exceeded my expectations every time! Thanks, guys!

-AJ W.

Trademark Roofing LLC was very responsive and professional when I called to help identify where water was coming into my closet. From Nancy’s follow-up to Robert’s quick identification of the issue, this was a great reminder why they are the first company I call when I have roof / leak issues.


Trademark Roofing LLC was truly a breath of fresh air in the mist of me trying to sell my house and get it ready for the new owner. I had to use several different contractors, and by far they were most professional and cost efficient. They did an amazing job overall. I received pictures from the beginning to the end to assure the work with done. And even when I asked for a last-minute add-on, it was absolutely no problem. I have since recommended them to some of my family members. I have also added their number into my personal contacts. I am definitely happy I chose to go with them.

-Edna M.

Robert and his team did an excellent job. Very professional and friendly. I’m definitely referring your company.


On time, fair price, did exactly what repairs we needed. I would recommend Trademark Roofing LLC.

-Jack G.

Trademark Roofing LLC is a great company. It’s a family-owned local business, & their prices are fair.  Robert, who fixed part of the gutter and replaced siding and parts of the wood around the gutters, was very professional. I’m very pleased with this company and would recommend Trademark Roofing LLC to anyone looking for a roofing repair company.

-F. Mendes