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We provide emergency roofing services for roof damage of all types.

Emergency Roofing Services, Including Repair and Tarp Installation 

Your roof is a complex structure comprised of a lot of nails, board insulation, and other materials that protect you against various external elements. However, the roof is also very prone to deterioration, and not getting it regularly inspected can lead to severe damage. When a storm strikes, roof damage must be handled in a timely manner to minimize long-term structural damage. Our team at Trademark Roofing LLC responds quickly following any roofing damage, irrespective of the reason, to resolve emergency repairs and get your home started on the path to recovery. Our mission is to help you during emergencies and protect you against damage caused by storms, hail, and wind.

Emergency Roofing in Atlanta, Georgia

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We are HAAG Certified 

Our team at Trademark Roofing LLC provides HAAG-certified inspections for residential roof programs, which are designed to provide a high level of satisfaction in all major types of roofing work. Because we have this certification, you are assured of having a comprehensive check regarding hail, wind, and storm damage to your home.

Emergency Roofing Services – Call us now before your structural damage worsens!

Bad weather and certain climate events can cause extensive damage to roofs and covers, such as tiles torn off, covers razed, damage from falling branches, or even drying and premature aging of joints and coverings. The roof is the most important barrier between the interior and the exterior of your building and must not have only perfect water- and air-tightness, but also flawless thermal and acoustic insulation. Many points are therefore sensitive and must be regularly checked for water infiltration, constant humidity, or even passage areas open to cold and wind.

At Trademark Roofing LLC, we are committed to providing emergency roofing repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our emergency roofing experts respond quickly, saving you time and money. When a property has been damaged by wind, hail, tornado, vehicles, a fallen tree, fire, vandalism, or some other emergency, the number-one priority is to secure the structure. With our emergency roof repair services, not only is your property secured from further damage, but belongings within the structure are also protected.

Roof damage caused by storms and hail can be severe. The sooner they are corrected, the lower the cost and effort, as well as the consequential damage, such as penetrating moisture. The causes and consequences of damage can be very different. Do not hesitate to contact us about your concerns. Regardless of whether individual roof tiles are missing, rainwater is slowly penetrating the roof, you have discovered that your roof window is leaking, or your gutter is dripping, we at Trademark Roofing LLC can take care of all repairs to do with your roof.

From the very first call, we will guide you through the entire emergency roofing repair process, from the initial roof inspection to selecting the right shingles to complement your home and restore your roof to its original condition. Thousands of homeowners throughout Atlanta, Georgia have trusted us as their roofing contractor, and we are proud of the work we have done that comes with quality work and peace of mind for our clients.

Roof Storm Damage Repair Services 

After a storm, torrential rains, or heavy hailstorms, the roof can be severely damaged. You may notice a few broken tiles, tree branches falling on your roof, or even a piece of roof torn off. This damage must be repaired immediately so as not to worsen the condition of your roof. At Trademark Roofing LLC, we inspect your damaged roof and provide a quick fix to the area. Our professionals also provide regular maintenance services and quickly restore the area before the rest of the roof weakens. You also don’t want water to enter the rest of the house, causing more damage after a disastrous storm. We’ll conduct storm damage roof repairs and provide a complete solution to your roofing requirements, and we’ll patch it with a tarp until properly repaired by a professional.

What do you do when a tree falls on your roof? 

Torrential rains, winds, and storms can damage your roof. After all, it is impossible to predict the strength, timing, and potential damage of any natural calamity. High winds can cause blown debris on your home, while there are also chances of trees falling on your roof and ripping shingles from your structure. Wind gusts at 75 to 85 miles per hour can lift poorly sealed shingles in a second, exposing your roof and interior to additional water damage. Some hail, wind, or storm damage may not be noticeable to the eye at first and might become clear when you see seeping water and bubbly walls in your house. After a storm or hail, it is best to consult a professional at Trademark Roofing LLC to get your roofing examined and have a quick fix to visible damages.

Wind Damage Restoration 

Damage to a home caused by storms and wind will present problems to a homeowner and require immediate action. An experienced emergency roofing service provider will properly identify issues that need to be addressed. At Trademark Roofing LLC, we have professionals who can detect damages to your roof and other structural-related issues caused by wind damage. We have been serving Atlanta for years and are one of the oldest and most renowned companies in the area. Our history of helping homeowners recover from roof damage caused by wind has earned us a great reputation among our customers. We provide a first-class, customer-centric experience from start to finish, which is why we have always been the best choice when replacing or repairing roofs in Atlanta.

Damaged Roof Due to Falling Trees 

Pieces of broken tree branches that have fallen on your roof must be removed. Indeed, they can considerably increase the loads that the roof covering has to bear. Of course, you can clear this debris yourself, but it is very risky. Only a professional should do this while using the necessary equipment to clear the branches that can clutter the roof. At Trademark Roofing LLC, we work with professionals who have experience in restoring roofs after tree damage.

Our team arrives on time, prepared and equipped with the right tools and the right materials to solve your emergency roofing problem quickly. People we work with have years of experience when it comes to performing different roofing services and undergo continuous training to stay up to date about the most recent work methodologies and improve the quality and durability of the roofs we make.

Roof Hail Damage 

Georgia doesn’t typically experience severe weather, so it’s easy to forget that even a small part of hail damage to your tile roof can endanger the entire structure, and a strong wind can do the same to your roof. However, there is often visible damage to tile and shingle roofs that, if left unrepaired, will cause major problems, such as structural deterioration, leaks, drywall damage, and even interior flooding. For that reason, it’s critical to find a qualified contractor and schedule an inspection if you suspect your roof was damaged or affected by hail or heavy rain.

Roof Inspection Services for All Types of Damage 

A roof inspection is more than checking the condition of your shingles! Among the components inspected, let us note the attic, the decking, the insulation, the ventilation devices, all the flashing parts touching the roof, the gutters, the vents, and the skylights (when present). Following the inspection, we will detail to you the condition of each component checked and the precautions to be taken to keep your roof functioning at its optimum. Our inspection service aims to provide you with an honest, reliable, and unbiased assessment of the condition of your roof, so you can avoid costly repairs. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Your Rescue After Roof Damage 

Repair of the damage must be undertaken as soon as possible because it could cause other much more serious problems if left unattended. Be aware that roofing work is delicate, complex, and dangerous all at the same time. It is not recommended to do this yourself. Indeed, without the necessary materials and know-how, you could endanger your safety by falling from the top of the roof, but you could also degrade the condition of your roof and make it even more fragile.

Stop Panicking– Call Trademark Roofing LLC! 

A hellish storm wakes you up during the night, and you find that tiles on your roof have blown off, lightning has struck, your fence has collapsed, or glass has shattered. It might happen to you one day, but what to do? Don’t panic — just give us a call at 770-437-1317.


At Trademark Roofing LLC, we offer emergency roofing services in Atlanta, Cobb County, Clayton County, Dekalb County, Douglas County, Fulton County, and Paulding County, Georgia.


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