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FREE Roof Inspection – All salesmen with Trademark Roofing, Inc. are qualified to inspect every aspect of your roof. Trademark Roofing, Inc. exceeds with experience and training to provide excellence and peace of mind. Our training and combination of HAAG Certification allows us to make sure your roof has not been effected by previous storms to insure that your roof is in the best condition. If damage is prevalent, we will discuss options that are provided by Trademark Roofing, Inc.

DUMPSTER SERVICE – Trademark Roofing, Inc. has a goal of becoming a full service roofing company. We are one step closer in accomplishing that goal by supplying our own dumpster services, which allows us to operate freely without the hassel of a dumpster being placed in the wrong location, in your driveway, or on your property for a long length of time.

You might assume you don’t need to think about installing a new roof until the old one starts leaking, but if you wait that long it will be more expensive. Why? Because by the time you notice the leak, the structural damage will have already occurred.

Installing a new roof may be the single biggest investment a homeowner makes. If all goes well, it’s an investment that should last 20 to 30 years or longer.

Any homeowner wants their house to be as safe and secure as possible. It all starts with the roof. Though roofing materials generally have a lifespan of 20-30 years, roofs will wear out sooner or later and can cost several thousand dollars to be done professionally. Fortunately, with the right materials, planning, precautions, and the proper application of elbow grease, Trademark Roofing, Inc. can re-roof your house safely and affordably.

One of the most overlooked components in a new roofing project is ventilation. Ridge vents are exhaust vents that are located at the ridge of a roof that work in conjunction with vents at the lowest part of the roof.

Fascia board is the vertical roof trim located along the perimeter of the house below the roof level. Fascia board usually becomes damaged due to installing improper starter shingles, gutters or no dripedge. Soffit’s are located under the overhang of a roof.

Shingle repair usually consists of incorrect installation, usually due to improper placement of the nails securing the shingles. Or it can be due to the winds exceeding the manufactures rating of the shingle. Most commonly, shingles are broken, lifted, ripped, torn, have seal failure or damaged by tremendous weather.

Valleys are when the 2 adjoining sloped roof planes intersect on a roof creating a “V” shaped depression. Valley’s can be properly repaired by removal of shingles, re-nailing down decking, install ice and water and reshingle properly. Closed cut valleys methods are the most common.

Dead Pockets and Valleys are created when the builder is developing a design or look for the structure of the home. In doing so, pockets are formed from the valley extended into a wall of a flat sections of the structure which allow water to pool or standing water that sit within the pocket. This type of structure causes extreme damage to the structure of the roof and home.

Seamless gutter are an important part of every roofing system. Redirecting the water off the roof reduces the erosion of the soil at the base of the home, which weakens the foundation over time.

Debris, leaves, pine needles can cause gutters to overflow, and could cause fascia, soffit and roof damage. Gutters should be cleaned at least 2-3 times per year, if more that 3 times you may seriously consider gutter covers by Trademark Roofing, Inc. There are a few ways gutters can be cleaned, first by blower or blowing the gutters out and secondly by hand which could cost more.

Gutter repair usually consists of replacing a small section of a damaged section of the gutter. Downspouts can also be repaired and replaced due to the existence of damage. For gutters with a 5-6″ downspout 2×3 or 3×4, gutter covers, soffit and fascia board could be considered under gutter repairs.

Drip Edge is now code in Georgia, and it has many purposes and benefits that channel the water into the gutter and not behind it. It also closes off the construction gap that may allow water or animals that penetrate the home.

A furnace vent pipe is the pipe that protrudes out of the top of the roof. It is the pipe that vents the exhaust coming from your furnace. It will be topped with a cap at the top which in some pipe deteriorate and has to be replaced. The most common reason these will leak is because the shingles weren’t installed around the base properly and the flange properly sealed.

Soil pip flashing is one of the more common leak repairs. This is a vertical pipe coming out of your roof. It’s usually a PUC pipe but can be made out of cast iron or copper, depending on the age of the home. The purpose of this pipe is to vent your plumbing. There are several reasons this pipe flashing can leak. It could be due to improper installation. The most common reason is that the elastic seal around the pipe, has become brittle and/or cracked. When replacing your roof, all soil vents should be replaced and installed properly.

Most skylights can be resplash but to replace the skylight will be your best option. There are many options and you should consult with your roofing contractor for the best solution.