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To keep your home’s chimney in great shape, call your local chimney repair experts for chimney solutions.

We perform professional chimney repairs throughout Atlanta, Georgia. In this area, we typically observe pretty heavy rains during the summer and storm season. Also, we are prone to having some drastic temperature changes. The brick or stone and mortar of your chimney are going to absorb some of the rain, snow, or moisture, which may lead to serious masonry damage. Temperature changes can also cause cracks, popping, or spalling brick and diminish the chimney’s overall structural integrity and aesthetics.

Chimney Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

If you have started to notice cracked or deteriorated brick, mortar, or stucco, you may need chimney repairs from our team at Trademark Roofing LLC. We also provide waterproofing services. We are your trusted source for chimney repairs. We have a team of fully licensed and insured chimney professionals who specialize in chimney cap installation, chimney pan flashing, chimney shrouds, chimney crickets, chimney rebuilds, and other related issues.

We’ll make sure your chimney looks beautiful and is structurally sound and capable of serving you for years. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Chimney Caps & Pans Installation 

Chimney Caps are essential chimney products that serve several purposes. Capping a chimney prohibits destruction on the inside from weather elements, such snow or rain. They also keep birds, squirrels, and other animals from resting inside the chimney or entering the home through the chimney. Chimney caps should be replaced when the roof is being replaced.

Chimney Shrouds & Pans Installation

Capping a chimney can add aesthetic beauty to your home and keep your family safe from harmful gases and smoke. If your chimney shroud is broken or you need a chimney cap replacement, call us today.

With us, you can be sure that your chimney is safe to use when the temperature changes. We guarantee our work and always try to go above and beyond your expectations.

Reasons You Should Install a Chimney Cap

Chimney shrouds or chimney caps protect the chimney from destruction on the inside from weather elements, such as snow or rain. After a rain shower, the water runs off the sides of your chimney, and if any water were to enter the flue or chimney liner, it might cause rapid deterioration. Chimney caps also keep birds, squirrels, and other animals from resting inside the chimney or entering the home through it.

Another reason you need to install a fireplace shroud on your chimney is to increase the draft inside, as it’s easily deterred yet critical for your chimney to function properly. You should consider a sturdy fireplace shroud to be appropriately installed by expert technicians to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

Chimney Flashing and Reflashing

Chimney flashing seals the seam between your roof and the chimney structure. It keeps water from penetrating those areas where there is a discontinuity of the roof. Improper flashing around chimneys may cause damage, or it may lose its seal due to wear and tear. Moreover, water can easily seep through any gaps during the rain, damaging the roof, the ceilings, and the walls around the chimney. Flashing keeps things sealed at the base of chimneys while allowing intersections to move when the temperature changes.

There are a few types of chimneys that require different types of flashing techniques. There are vinyl, stucco, brick, cedar, and hand siding, but they all require step flashing, lockout flashing, and ice & water shield to protect projection.

Chimney Crickets 

Chimney crickets are installed at the rear of the chimney. A chimney cricket, also called a roof cricket, is a small, peaked roof projecting from your main roof and installed at the rear of the chimney to divides the water around projections. Chimney crickets are made from galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel to prevent the water from pooling at the rear of the chimney.

Why You Should Install or Repair a Chimney Cricket 

Lingering pools of water can cause expensive damage that occurs due to a crevice between the chimney and the roof’s descending slope. Other issues that homeowners face due to a cracked chimney cricket are:

  • Foundational problems in basements
  • Leaky attics
  • Water stains that appear on walls
  • Leaky chimneys or cracks in their masonry.

A chimney cricket is useful during heavy summer storms and casual passing rains. It disrupts the flow of water as it’s shaped like a three-dimensional triangle. There’s no chance for the water to collect in the chimney, thus preventing water damage, expensive masonry repair work, and further damage to roofing systems.

We are skilled roofers serving the Atlanta area who can efficiently repair chimneys at a reasonable price.

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