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We offer a variety of repair and restoration services for chimneys, including chimney caps and shrouds, chimney cricket installation, chimney siding and corner board repair, and brick chimney waterproofing.

Chimneys in Atlanta, GeorgiaOne of the keys to keeping your Atlanta, Georgia home or business nice and dry in any weather is to pay attention to what we call the “weakest links”. At Trademark Roofing LLC, we have seen many water damage situations arise due to leaks around the various roof intrusions, like chimneys flashing and chimney caps/pans. We would be remiss if we didn’t offer added services that could help you keep your roof in top condition. That is one of the reasons that we repair chimneys.

We also feel that, if you need help with one or more chimneys, it is better to have someone up there that knows how to be on a roof without causing any damage. In addition, if we are checking out your roof after severe weather, it makes sense that we could check out the chimneys at the same time, as they could have been damaged as well.

We use expertise in repairing all types of chimneys, whether they are vinyl, siding, or brick. Our team of fully trained, licensed, and insured professionals can handle any chimney cap installation, chimney crickets, and shroud and pan installation. We also offer waterproofing services on brick chimneys only.


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